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  1. Kiedy dostałem bana? 29.09.2018 Rodzaj bana: BAN Powód bana: Wallhack Na jaki okres czasu dostałem bana: permanent Moje SteamID: 0:48272242 Opis zdarzenia: I had just good game with score about 30 kills. Dlaczego powinienem zostać odbanowany: Hello once again I will type in English, because I am from Czech Republic. I have already been banned for "wallhacking" on this server in 2017. I can type like exactly same request as last time. I got unbanned because I am not using any cheats. I am just a "good player" using headphones.... who sometimes have a good game. I am playing on your servers for like 2 or 3 years and I like them. Not everyday... but sometimes I do. I have more than 5,6k hours on CSS and still no VAC ban on account. Thats why I am asking for unban once again. Thx for responding !
  2. 1) Kiedy dostałem bana: 22-04-17 21:48 2) Za co dostałem bana: Wallhack 3) Na jaki okres czasu dostałem bana: Permanent 4) Opis zdarzenia: As first I want to tell that I am from Czech Republic. So i will type in English for better communication. I am playing on Uwujka's FFA for like 1 year - not everyday... but sometimes I do. Maybe someone can know me as: "Drix" especially players like: +/-, CZ@RNY, ... I had no problems with suspicion about cheating on this server before.... I've just got banned because nobody knows me. I have like 4,9k hours on CSS and Valve's anticheat haven't detected anything yet...so obviously I am not cheating at all... As I said before...I just want to be unbanned because I've got banned for no reason. Hope you guys are smart ! 5) Moje STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:0:48272242 6) Dlaczego powinienem zostać odbanowany: I am not cheater. I have never been cheating! I am just average player who enjoys playing on this server. With greetings Drix !