Bann, mute or gag appeal

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Have you been banned, muted or your text messages are blocked? Do you want to submit an appeal?


Below in the simple points you will find information on how to do it. Before you start writing an appeal, please read the following rules, regardless of whether you are a regular player, VIP or administrator the rules, are the same for everyone:


  1. The appeal must be written in English.
  2. The appeal must be written personally by you.
  3. After submitting the appeal within 24 hours, you will receive an initial response to your request.
  4. Final processing of the application will take up to 7 days.
  5. If your appeal is not processed within 7 days, you will be un-banned even if your ban was right.
  6. Referring in appeal that you have active VIP or hurrying us will not help you.
  7. Keep the culture of speech and follow the general rules of the forum.
  8. If your appeal was considered negatively, you can try again in 30 days (does not apply to cheaters).
  9. If the appeal has considered positive : canceling the ban on servers will take a while. Wait 30 minutes and then try to connect.
  10. If your ban was wrong, or the administrator incorrectly treated you: after a positive consideration of the appeal you will receive an VIP activation code for 7 days in a private message.


How to write an appeal:


  1. Go to
    • On top right find field "Szukaj..." put-in your Steam ID and press enter
    • "Bany" means Bans, "Uciszenia" means mute or gag. Chose and click your problem by mouse
    • in field "długość" you will find for what period of time you have received your penalty
    • in field "data" you will find the date when you received your penalty
  2. Go tośby-o-odbanowanie/


  • in field "Kiedy dostałem bana?" write the date when you received your penalty from sourcebans
  • in field "Rodzaj bana" choose the type of penalty you have received (BAN is game ban, MUTE is game mute, gag is a blockade of chat in the game, PW is a blockade of private messages on the forum, CZAT is a blockade of chat on the forum) you can chose multiple reasons of your appeal
  • in field "Powód bana" write in short what is the reason of your penalty
  • in field "Na jaki okres czasu dostałem bana" chose for what period of time you got penalty ("do 24 godzin" is up to 24 hours, "do tygodnia" is up to a week, "do miesiąca" is up to a month, "do roku" is up to a year, "permanent" is permanent)
  • in field "Moje SteamID" enter your Steam ID in any form or link to your profile.
  • in field "Opis zdarzenia" Describe in what situation you received the penalty.
  • in field "Dlaczego powinienem zostać odbanowany" tell us why you think the penalty should be removed.
  1. As you click "Zapisz":
    • your request has been made.
    • It may take up to 7 days to consider your appeal.
    • If we do not fit within the given time frame, your penalty will be canceled even if it was was correct.
    • For each wrong penalty you will receive a VIP from us after considering your appeal.


Here you can find your appeal:śby-o-odbanowanie/

Return to forum each day to check the status of your appeal and answer the questions of administrators.

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